Friday, July 9, 2010

Pen to Paper

He’s struggling. Writer’s Block.
Unable to fathom the courage to
Delve into the mental; to fabricate a
Vernacular specific enough to illustrate
The meaning why things are the way they
Seem…or maybe perhaps he’s struggling to
Find a purpose in this labyrinth called life with
Its many mazes…’s many puzzles.
Or is it that he tries to muster up the audacity to express his
Love for her but chickens out subconsciously;
Until there is a psychotic break in his inner conscience;
Rubic’s cube of a mind; the ashes of what was once despair
Now rises like the Phoenix and he finally puts the pieces
Together like a scene from Law and Order and graciously
Has the drive and the confidence…the confidence to put
Pen to Paper.


chioma said...

that was really good Uba

naijasavant87 said...

i have another poem here called daytime believer, nighttime dreamer

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