Sunday, July 4, 2010

Daytime Believer, Nighttime Dreamer

The sun arises from its slumber;
Peeks from under the covers of
Night; politely greets its followers
With its radiant smile.
Flick of the switch, God has turned world
On; simultaneously she arises from her slumber,
Peeks from under the Covers of worry and stress,
Collects her thoughts, processing how to achieve her
Dreams, her greatest desires.
Wondering, Hoping, and Believing;
Paces frantically in her humble abode
Not realizing that a beam of light is manifesting in her
Inner being; a child-like substance created by the hand of God;
Housed within the depths of her Soul
Shaped to be revealed on the grand stage of Life, for you see
Things such as this requires patience, requires a testament of obedience,
Knowing that one day it will come to pass;
Time elapses.
Daybreak is exhausted.
The sun is sleepy.
He puts the sun to bed.
Tucked under the covers of night.
With many stars to keep company.
Time to dream.


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