Sunday, July 11, 2010

Do We Really Trust God?

This is something that I heard today while my stay in Dallas at a nearby church. During the sermon, it really clicked in my mind, resulting an epiphany If possible, take out a $5 dollar bill, $1 dollar bill even, and turn it to the back. What does it say in the top left corner? "In God We Trust." America today is one of the richest nations in the world yet people are unhappy. Divorce is running rampant because people are unhappy. Why is that? The reason is that we claim to love God with our whole hearts, we still fall short of the glory when we decide to not trust God and put our trust in man. Man may be the resource but God is the source. Why do you think is bad things or infrequent storms rise up and disturb our lives and we end up panicking? It's because we fail to trust God. In Malachi 3:10 it talks about testing God by trusting him with your tithes and see if doesn't open the windows of heaven and poor out a blessing so large your room can't even receive it. Black people shouldn't look to Obama as our savior merely only as a resource through the work of Jesus Christ. So I challenge you and myself as well that we trust God with our whole hearts and not put our trust in man. Remain Blessed my brother's and sisters in Christ.


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